Q: How does MH&P work with a company?
A: Our tasks and the scope of work are defined in a proposal we provide to you without any obligation prior to initiating any work. Upon your approval, we serve as a member of your project-team working to create and evaluate potential solutions to your requirements.

Q: How does MH&P charge for its work?

A:Typically, our no-obligation proposal specifies the man-hours necessary and the hourly rate for specific personnel necessary for your project, which gives you a not-to-exceed fee. In other cases, we have worked on a royalty basis, time and materials arrangements, and per diem fees.

Q: It’s very early in my program, why should I bring in a design consultant now?
A: By bringing an Industrial Designer into your project at the earliest point possible, we bring experience from many different situations that can save you time and money.

Q: What happens if my program requirements or goals change?

A: If your project requirements change beyond what can be addressed by the original proposal, we supply you with an addendum that specifies the changes, where they came from, and how they will affect the proposal's fees or timing (up/down, sooner/later) for your approval before any new work begins. If the change is extreme, our proposals include an "escape" clause that allows you to end a project at any time if the need arises.

Q: Does MH&P have its own production facilities?
A: We work very closely with a number of vendors in a range of materials and processes to get you what you need when you need it but MH&P is not a manufacturing operation.

Q: What guarantee do I have that what I get will fit my needs?
A: We have a program to address your guarantee concerns. However, a non-disclosure agreement may be necessary so we ask that you contact us for more information.

Q: What does it cost for MH&P to come in, review the program, and determine what needs to be done?
A: If you're within driving distance of the NY/NJ metro area, the review meeting is free. If we need to fly, or if an overnight stay is required, we only charge our out-of-pocket expenses. However, with modern communications travel is rarely required.

Q: How do you handle "long-distance" projects?
A: Long-distance projects are easier than ever. With the use of email and web conferences, we've found that projects at a distance don't present the challenges they once did.

Q: How do I keep my project or idea secret?
A: A non-disclosure agreement (either yours or ours) is a typical part of our working agreement and we normally sign one at the start of any discussions


Q: Can MH&P provide prototypes?
A: Yes, we can provide prototypes in nearly any material, either from our own model shop or one of our vendor partners.

Q: What would I get at the end of my program?
A: The proposal you receive will specify (among other things) a list of "Deliverables" that you will receive throughout the project. Typically, these items include: renderings, illustrations, vendor quotations, and complete production documentation.


Q: Has MH&P ever worked on a project like mine?
A: Since being founded in 1960, we've worked on many. many projects and you can find our "project list here: PROJECT LIST

Q: What companies has MH&P served in the past?
A: Since being founded in 1960, we've worked for many, many different companies and you can find our "client list" here: CLIENT LIST

Q: Is MH&P large enough to handle my project?
A: We keep our company nucleus small enough to treat every client like you're our only client and bring in outside specialists, if required, all with single-source responsibility