CLIENT: Verilux Lighting

PROJECT: HappyLight Touch Light Therapy Lamp

MATERIALS & PROCESSES: Injection molded enclosure with touch controls.

DESCRIPTION: Designed to address Seasonally Affected Disorder (SAD) this light provides UV-free light that mimics sunlight.

CLIENT: 5e Robotics

PROJECT: Personal robot

MATERIALS & PROCESSES: Injection molded chasssis & enclosure with metal bag frame and folding hardware.

DESCRIPTION: This robot follows the owner/user and is intended to carry groceries, luggage and other heavy items. It is lightweight for lifting and folds for transport in a car trunk.

CLIENT: Vero Vixen, LLC

PROJECT: Fashion ice-grips

MATERIALS & PROCESSES: Injection-molded elastomer with insert-molded steel spikes.

DESCRIPTION: These ice grips are designed to fit specific types of women's shoes such as flats and wedges. Color options are available and the spikes are replaceable when they wear out.

CLIENT: Mayhew Steel Products

PROJECT: Ergonomic hand tools

MATERIALS & PROCESSES: Injection molded body with a rubber overmold and steel shafts.

DESCRIPTION: These tools have an improved grip as well as lanyard attachment points to prevent tool drops. The chisel and punch handles also includes a handguard to prevent hand strikes.