CLIENT: L&R Manufacturing

PROJECT: Ultrasonic cleaner

MATERIALS & PROCESSES: Injection molded enclosure with a stainless steel internal tank and fittings.

DESCRIPTION: Designed primarily for small dental and medical offices, the enclosure is easy to clean and has a small footprint. Value-added features include a locking lid, an easy-drain valve, and a spill-proof top.

CLIENT: Confidential

PROJECT: Pool cleaner

MATERIALS & PROCESSES: Injection molded chasssis, top cover, and wheels

DESCRIPTION: This product vacuums the bottom of pools without any external guidance. An internal pump provides both suction and forward/backward motion.

CLIENT: Vero Vixen, LLC

PROJECT: Fashion ice-grips

MATERIALS & PROCESSES: Injection-molded elastomer with insert-molded steel spikes

DESCRIPTION: These ice grips are designed to fit specific types of women's shoes such as flats and wedges. Color options are available and the spikes are replaceable when they wear out.

CLIENT: 5 Elements Robotics

PROJECT: Personal Robot

MATERIALS & PROCESSES: Injection molded body with aluminum parts in high-stress areas

DESCRIPTION: This personal robot is designed to follow its owner and carrry their groceries, bags, or most anything else up to 50 pounds. It folds for storage or transport and only weighs 21 pounds to make placing it in a car easy.